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Designed with both you and the planet in mind.

A polo for every occasion.

At No Logo Polo we are designing a new role for your polo. Our design features are changing established ideas around wearing polo shirts. It is our mission to give you a polo for any setting and every occasion.

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What a delight to find you! Thank you, not only for your quality polos (I brought two!) but also for your encouragement in making more conscious choices.

Zé M. (Portugal)

Our story.

What happens when a pretentious Frenchman and an easy-going Spaniard bump into each other whilst walking their dogs on the beach in Cascais?

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This is a beautiful beautiful shirt man! And I don’t give compliments easy when it comes to clothes. Thank you very much. I love the quality man. The collar is brilliant and I love the length. I love it. I love it. I love it.

Alpesh P. (United Kingdom)

Because we give a damn

Clothing circular economy

Clothes provide comfort, protection, an expression of individuality, and jobs, with more than 300 million people working along the clothing industr...

Because we give a damn

Regenerate natural systems

Virgin materials will likely always be required for some textiles, particularly when no recycled materials are available. Textile production can be...

Because we give a damn

Design out waste and pollution

The fashion industry’s design and manufacturing innovations have led to substantial advantages, including water and stain repellence, as well as in...
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