About us

What happens when a pretentious Frenchman and an easygoing Spaniard bump into each other whilst walking their dogs on the beach in Cascais?

Magnificent things happen!

Charles-Philippe and Alvaro are two high school friends who reconnected in Portugal after having lost contact for 20 years. From this chance encounter, NO LOGO POLO was born.

This is our why.

We are two individuals with a passion for creativity and sustainable social change. We believe that quality clothing should not be exclusive. We believe we have a duty to ensuring that our products do not harm the environment. And finally, we believe that supporting local industry fuels the economy.

Through our business and processes we seek to benefit not only our shareholders and employees but also all our stakeholders, including manufacturers, our community and humanity. We seek to work in harmony with the environment and use our resources to benefit social and environmental programs at large.

Our ambition is to elevate, engage and inspire people everywhere.

Because we give a damn.